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There is so much great tv out there, but I think everyone has at least one show (or in my case, half a dozen) they revert to for comfort. Here I’ve outlined my favourite comfort shows for anyone in need of one. I’ve re-watched all of these shows multiple times so this is legit. Whether you’ve seen these and want to re-watch or have heard of them and never given them a try, this list will make you want to marathon (and eat).

Golden Girls

“Here we are in the middle of a crisis and there’s no cheesecake.”

A sitcom ahead of its time! As you may have guessed from its name, Golden Girls follows the lives of four…older women living together in Miami. This is a light show that addressed so many different topics that were seen as controversial at the time. The dialogue is great, with the banter between the four of these women making you want to cry from laughter. It also makes me want to be fifty years old and wear nightgowns and flowy 80s outfits with heels and lots of jewellery. You’ll love watching these ladies date a variety of men, eat cheesecake late at night, and tease each other ruthlessly. 

Watch it with: cheesecake or ice cream, in your nightgown, obviously.


“Tell me how to get this laid back or I’ll kill your families!”

One of the funniest shows of our generation! Set in a community college in Colorado, a band of misfits become a tight-knit group of friends despite their differences in age and why they came to Greendale in the first place. There are so many funny lines in this show, and despite it having so many amazing standalone episodes, (including takes on a mafia movie, Dungeons & Dragons, cartoon episodes) some of my favourite moments are the subtle ones – witty, half mumbled dialogue and the cast’s comedic timing. Oh, and the documentary-style episodes. Love those.

Watch it with: Buttered noodles. Chicken fingers if that’s your thing. Or of course, pizza.

Mad Men

“Well, I’ve got to go learn a bunch of people’s names before I fire them.”

Hear me out: I watch shows for the dialogue, not the plot. Some will say Mad Men is too slow or sad for their taste, but this is one of my most-rewatched shows and I notice new things about it every time I re-watch. I love all the female characters in this show, and as an old movie lover, this show is something I knew I would like. Although it is a drama, there are funny moments, and this is another show that pulls at your heartstrings. There’s nothing like having a hard day and coming home in the snow to drink some red wine and marathon a few episodes.

Watch it with: your liquor of choice and something to pad your stomach.

Twin Peaks

“Diane. 11:30 a.m. February 24th. Entering the town of Twin Peaks.”

These famous lines by Special Agent Dale Cooper fill me with such nostalgia. Cooper, an FBI agent, visits Twin Peaks to investigate the murder of Laura Palmer, a popular girl loved by –  and it turns out, connected to – everyone in town. The murder seems to have connections to other crimes that Dale investigates with the local police department. Although this is a dark show, there is light as well, and this is what really drew me to the show – the cheerful disposition of Cooper, the small-town vibes, the characters (including all the gorgeous women in Twin Peaks) and all the references to coffee. You’ll have a new love for forests, coffee, and fireplaces when you watch this show. Like Community, this is a cult show – its following is obsessed, and for good reason.

Watch it with: a whole pot of strong, black coffee and jelly donuts or pie!


“Yes. Yes. Everybody has to like me. I must be liked.”

My Seinfeld story: back in high school, my sister and I were channel surfing and literally nothing appealing was on. We went to the tv guide channel and saw Seinfeld and Frasier were both playing at the same time, both on multiple channels. We decided to go with Seinfeld and figure out why the hell this weird looking show is on the air. One episode and we fell in love. This is one of the most (if not the most) famous sitcoms and for good reason – the show is just hilarious. You laugh out loud, bond over how crazy you are, just like George, and will never want to stop watching. You can really start at any episode but why not start at the beginning and binge?

Watch it with: lots of snacks or diner food! Think sandwiches, soup, or a big salad.

Gilmore Girls

“This is a jumbo coffee morning. I need coffee in an IV.”

Finally, the most comforting show of all. Gilmore Girls is funny, heartfelt, and a goldmine of cozy. In GG, Lorelai Gilmore is a 32 year old who lives in the small, quirky town of Stars Hollow with her 16 year old daughter, Rory. The show starts with Lorelai managing an inn and Rory being accepted into Chilton, a prestigious high school. The two of them live a half hour away from Lorelai’s (somewhat estranged) parents whom Lorelai visits once she realizes she actually needs more money than she originally assumed for Rory’s school. The show focuses on relationships – mother-daughter relationships, romantic relationships, and friendship and the quick paced dialogue around coffee, takeout, literature, and pop culture will win you over for sure! 

Watch it with: pizza and coffee, or pop tarts and coffee, or burgers and fries and coffee, or Chinese food and coffee. Any comfort food and coffee!

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