Summer reads

5 Books to read this summer

There are books for fall, and there are books for winter. Here are a few books that are great to read in the summer (note to self: make a list of books for… spring). Rather than list a handful of new books coming out this summer, I’ve made a short list of books that have […]

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Fantasy Fiction: Favourites throughout the years

By now you’ve probably guessed I’m a big reader and read quite a variety of things. I predominantly gravitate towards mystery novels and classic fiction, but also enjoy literary and commercial fiction, and of course, fantasy. Fantasy novels can be daunting to many people, usually for the main reason that they’re long. The series is […]

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Preparing for spring

I love the coziness of cold weather seasons: blankets, fires, hot chocolate, staying in with wine, chess, and books, and most importantly, in cold weather, you don’t feel bad for staying in. There’s no guilt in not going outside constantly or hanging out with friends, let alone the constant need to  be doing something, the […]

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Feeling off: how to get out of a rut

We all go through those phases where we’re not only unmotivated, but discipline isn’t strong enough for us to do what makes us feel best: eat right, get some movement in, work on personal goals, keep our homes tidy, do the things we usually do to make us feel calm and happy. This can happen […]

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How to have the best birthday every year

Birthdays come once a year (unless you’re born on February 29th, I suppose) and that’s part of what makes them so special. The other reason they’re so important to so many people is that it’s the one day that’s just about you: you don’t have to be a parent, you don’t have to be married, […]


The best winter mystery novels

I love reading suspense novels, and always have one in my rotation, especially when in a reading slump. I love the dark, mysterious vibes in a mystery, and one of my favourite things about them is the cozy ambience featured in most stories, often reminding me of fall, and let’s face it, Halloween. That being […]

2023 Favourites

2023 Favourites

What a year! In 2023, I focused a lot on personal goals, particularly around my passion projects, getting in shape, and really upping my beauty routine. I’m pretty pleased with how the year has gone! I spent a lot of time with good friends, my partner, and my family, and looking back, 2023 has been […]

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How to never be bored

With apps like TikTok and Instagram it’s easy to spend hours mindlessly scrolling, often losing chunks of time to social media. Personally, I actually think this is fine. It’s your life, do what you want. And I myself have been known to spend an hour on TikTok before bed, too tired to read, or even […]

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Best books to read in October

There are a few books I love to re-read in the fall, particularly around Halloween. Normally, I love to read thrillers, mysteries, anything with suspense, as well as classic literature, but during October, reading a few horrors is a must! If you’re looking for something spooky to pick up this time of year, look no […]


How to become a Fall Queen

My sister Annette lovingly calls me the Fall Queen because once autumn hits and she comes over, she’s immediately welcomed into (or bombarded by) a seasonal paradise. Pumpkin scented candles waft through my apartment, dark furs drape the couch, gourds have been caringly placed all over the space, and of course, red wine sits on […]

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