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We all go through those phases where we’re not only unmotivated, but discipline isn’t strong enough for us to do what makes us feel best: eat right, get some movement in, work on personal goals, keep our homes tidy, do the things we usually do to make us feel calm and happy.

This can happen for a number of reasons: burnout, boredom, emotional, mental, or physical stress.

There isn’t a perfect solution but a couple of tips may help you get out of your funk:

Flip your attitude

Rather than sulk in low feelings, imagine yourself completing any of your goals: cleaning your kitchen, writing 1000 words, posting an Instagram reel, finishing a project at work, working on your website, or doing a workout. Picture how good you’ll feel when you finish that task. Imagine your idealized version of yourself. What would they do? Continue to mope, or pull yourself together? Write a short list of what you’re grateful for, and then two goals: one important one, and one that’s easy to complete. Put a timer on and try to complete one of those goals right now.

Reward yourself

Complete one goal, no matter how small, with the idea of a reward in mind. This can be binge watching tv, starting a new book, taking a bath, or making a fun coffee or mocktail. Just have a reward in mind to push you to get something done, while also knowing the reward signals the end of the hard work so you can relax.

Go outside

Whenever I’m grumpy I take a look at the last time I’ve left my house. If it’s been more than two days, it’s usually case closed: I have cabin fever because I’ve literally stayed home. Get outside, even for five minutes. If you have to run an errand, do that. If you want to grab a latte, go get it. If it’s as simple as walking down your street and then turning around and walking home, do that. Get your mail. Buy a snack. Do anything that’ll force you to not be in your house for at least ten minutes and see how your mood shifts.


When I’m annoyed at the world and feeling moody, I like to blame other people for being the reason why. Instead however, this is often when you need human interaction the most. So text a friend to make plans, call your mom or your sister, go to the store to talk to the employees. Just do anything to speak to other people!

Look better to feel better

Give yourself a pedicure, put on some jewellery, wash your greasy hair, exfoliate, dress in something a little dressier even if you’re just staying home. Do anything that’ll make you feel good about your looks. This is a proven way to make yourself feel a bit better about anything you’re going through.

Try a new hobby

Sometimes we’re in a rut because we’re doing the exact same thing all the time. Instead, try doing something new. Watch a different show, read a book outside your usual genre, or find a new pastime. Find different people to follow on social media, or mute your apps for a while. If none of those sound good, watch a show or read a book in the same genre that’s different than what you’re normally consuming. It’ll still bring comfort while also being something different.

When all else fails, just remember moods come and go, and you can choose to lift yourself up. No one is going to save you from your moodiness – you need to push yourself and rely on yourself a bit to get yourself out of a rut. Always be kind with yourself, and always remember you choose who you are. Prioritize discipline over motivation, rest over hustling, and movement over stagnation, Life is all about balance and we all need to mentally check in with ourselves to make sure we’re working on that balance.

For instance, now that I’ve completed this goal of publishing a blog post, it’s time to reward myself with reality tv and some cappuccino frozen yogurt. I hope this helps!

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