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By now you’ve probably guessed I’m a big reader and read quite a variety of things. I predominantly gravitate towards mystery novels and classic fiction, but also enjoy literary and commercial fiction, and of course, fantasy.

Fantasy novels can be daunting to many people, usually for the main reason that they’re long. The series is long, each book in the series is long, and yes, there’s often A LOT of description. As someone who’s a dialogue girl, this can be sometimes hard not to glaze over. Yes, yes, the hills were green, and so-and-so was related to so-and-so once ago…trust me, I get you. However, I think there’s something so cozy about fantasy novels so I thought I’d give my own recommendations with a bonus of how to enjoy each.

Harry Potter (HP)

My introduction to fantasy! I’ve now read the series over a dozen times and should probably get a life. Perfect for the nostalgia lovers, this series is still fun to read as an adult. If you’re one of the 2% of people who have yet to read the series, please go outside, touch some grass, and bring all 7 books with you. This series is the easiest to read and understand and a perfect starting point if you have yet to try any fantasy novels.

How to read it: in the winter, particularly around Christmas, with cups of earl grey tea with milk, and a stack of buttered toast, Weasley twins-style. Make sure you have lots of chocolate as well.

Lord of the Rings (LOTR)

So fun even if you, like me, sometimes get lost in the lore and…SONGS. Good God. However, this series just gives wholesome vibes and is such a big template for all fantasy out there. I’ve read the series twice and cannot wait to read it a third time.

How to read it: in the summer, with a small board of cheeses, buttered soft bread, crisps, fruits, and nuts or a cottagecore style lunch. Bonus points if you enjoy it on a blanket outside, pretending you live in The Shire.

A Song of Ice and Fire (ASOIAF)

A Song of Ice and Fire, or Game of Thrones for any noobs, is another fantasy series I love. I’ve read it twice and if you struggle with fantasy, I would personally say this series is on the easier side to understand. Though there is magic entwined in the story, the biggest star of the books is the bloodlines – family history, connections between characters, and how each character and kingdom relate to one another. At the end of the day, this series is about relationships (in my humble opinion). I love that this series is divided by character POVs for chapters, especially since I love reading about most characters.

How to read it: Like LOTR, a cheese and meat board of some kind is ideal, with either red wine if you’re a southerner, or white wine if you see yourself as a northerner like the Starks. This one is fun to read at any time of the year, but if you read it when it’s warm out, I highly suggest trying a cold glass of milk sweetened with honey, and in the winter, by a fireplace with a mound of furs on you.

The above three series are my favourites but I also enjoyed:

  • The Witcher
  • The Kingkiller Chronicle
  • A Court of Thorns and Roses

I’m currently reading the Wheel of Time series which does have a serious focus on magic as well as fate – how certain characters are meant to do important things and fulfill certain prophecies. This one can be more difficult to read but is also enjoyable, with chapters giving perspectives of multiple characters.

I hope you enjoyed this short list and if you have any recommendations of your own, please send them my way!

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