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Summer can be seen the least cozy of the seasons – it’s hot, sometimes humid and unbearably so, so there’s no need for the warmth that other seasons require: fires, blankets, hot drinks. Believe me, as a woman obsessed with everything cozy, it can be impossible to feel excited for summer with all the expectations to be outside, to be doing something, or to be ‘on’ all the time. However, I try to find moments for myself that can still be seen as cozy, despite the heat. I’ve made a short list I think you should try if you want to enjoy some quality alone time, want to enjoy the weather without having to party, or simply want to try something new.

Let’s get started:

Take a stroll with an ice cream

If you don’t live near an ice cream place, you can always drive to one, but walking around with a cone or cup in hand is a must! I love doing this in the evenings rather than in the middle of the day, personally, just because it feels more calm and it’s less hot out. What better way to enjoy summer than a seasonal treat and a lazy walk?

Find a trail and get lost

Lost in your thoughts, a good audiobook or podcast, or even lost finding your way in a new place! Bike riding is a low impact exercise that’s great in the summer, and I particularly suggest as a trail as it’s much less stressful that riding your bike on the streets or through a park bombarded with children. If biking isn’t your thing, taking a walk or a jog works just as well.

Treat yourself to a cool beverage

I’m a huge fan of coffee which includes iced coffee, a beverage I am obsessed with in the summer especially. The ideal morning involves me walking with an iced latte in hand. However, it’s also fun to try something else. Why not find a place and makes freshly squeezed juice or make it yourself? For me personally, 2023 seems to be the year of lemonade. I’ve been obsessed this summer! Any kind of drink that is cool, colourful, and you wouldn’t drink in the winter is perfect.

Go on a picnic

Pack sandwiches, kettle chips, fruits, and fun drinks, and just lay out on a blanket with a friend, your pup, or a good book. Watch people fly their kites at the park or find a more secluded area with just the sounds of a babbling brook for company. You can even switch up the menu – I’ve taken leftover pad thai for a solo picnic and enjoyed it immensely! Anything to switch up the usual dinner routine that allows you to enjoy the weather is a winner in my book.

Find a weekly ritual

This could be having lunch on a patio, hunting for yard sales, going to the drive-in for a movie, or in my case this summer, walking to a nearby farmer’s market! It’s exciting having something to look forward to each week, especially something that brings comfort. Summer is the best season to explore, so whatever your passion is, try to go for it! I love wandering around farmer’s markets and getting fruit in season, but as a huge bookworm, I’ve also been loving visiting little free libraries in my area, fishing for new books. Whatever your interest is, do a quick google and see what you can do (especially if free!) on a weekly basis.

Go on an adventure

I personally hate leaving Canada in the summer to travel since it’s the one time of the year the weather is warm, but if you enjoy it, go for it! If you’re trying to save money, camping or renting a cottage with friends are cheaper options, but there’s always things you can go or do for free. Drive or take your bike somewhere, go to the beach, anything to give you a change of scenery for a little while!

Easy exercise

The best time of the year for low-key effort but a chance to be outside! Bike riding, walking, running, swimming, and outdoor yoga are good options if you’re not into team sports. If you are into team sports, this is a great time to enjoy them outdoors. If you absolutely abhor movement of any kind, make sure you reward yourself with a bath or a lemonade to keep motivation high.

Make use of rainy days

Don’t waste these cozy days! Make sure you have a comforting film and good book to keep you company, and warm up with a cozy beverage.

If you’re like me and you’re a cold weather fan because of your love of cozy vibes, don’t fear! There’s still a way to have comfort in the warm weather madness and dare I say it – even begin to love summer.

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