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How to become a Fall Queen

My sister Annette lovingly calls me the Fall Queen because once autumn hits and she comes over, she’s immediately welcomed into (or bombarded by) a seasonal paradise. Pumpkin scented candles waft through my apartment, dark furs drape the couch, gourds have been caringly placed all over the space, and of course, red wine sits on […]


How to have a cozy summer

Summer can be seen the least cozy of the seasons – it’s hot, sometimes humid and unbearably so, so there’s no need for the warmth that other seasons require: fires, blankets, hot drinks. Believe me, as a woman obsessed with everything cozy, it can be impossible to feel excited for summer with all the expectations […]


Reality tv and the grip it has

Reality tv has always been something you love or hate, and I have been on both sides of this particular war. However, the older I get, the more I seem to enjoy melting my brain. Let’s dive into this. As a kid I remember watching The Bachelor with fervor – I was intrigued by these […]


Mystery novel recommendations

I’m a big reader and read a lot of different genres — the classics, fantasy, non-fiction — but there’s just something about a good mystery novel. And there’s nothing that can get me out of a reading slump like a chilling whodunnit. I also have a few necessities while reading: a coffee or glass of […]



There is so much great tv out there, but I think everyone has at least one show (or in my case, half a dozen) they revert to for comfort. Here I’ve outlined my favourite comfort shows for anyone in need of one. I’ve re-watched all of these shows multiple times so this is legit. Whether […]


Valentine’s Day: Must-See Classic Films

Back in my youth, I was someone who scowled at Valentine’s Day – you’re supposed to love the one you’re with every day! Ah, to be young, single… and bitter. Since then, I’ve come to the conclusion that Valentine’s Day can be as special or insignificant as you choose, but why complain over free chocolate […]

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